Jennifer Lopez Nose Job Before and After Photo

Jennifer Lopez, better known as J. Lo, looks beautiful after having had several plastic surgeries. The most prominent changes can be seen in her nose. She may have had a rhinoplasty to refine her nose and make it fit better with her face. If we pay attention to the lateral sides of her nose, they look like she’s made them narrower than before.

Jennifer Lopez Nose Job

Jennifer Lopez Nose Job Before and After

Some people might think that the narrower looking is actually the result of a great makeup artist. Makeup techniques have been developed that can make the nose look more narrow, and this could be what happened with J. Lo.  These rumors have been discussed all over, and there’s been no official confirmation from Lopez as to whether or not she had a nose job. Do you feel the change of her nose was the result of rhinoplasty or was it the make up artist’s technique?

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