Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Grey Nose Job Before and After Photo

Jennifer Grey is an American Actress who was born in 1960. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Dirty Dancing were two films where she got her name in the public. There’s a rumor about her and a failed nose job. Is this true? Did she do something to her nose? There’s nothing wrong with her nose, but she may have harmed her career by wanting a new nose.

Many people know that Jennifer Grey was known for her unique nose, unfortunately the nose job she had made her unrecognizable. Many people didn’t know who she was after the nose job. Then she decided to have another nose job in order to refine the nose. She hoped that people will know her again, and her career could be saved.

Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery Photo

Jennifer Grey Plastic Surgery

Another rumors approaching her is botox and fillers injections. Dr. Antony Youn said that the 53 year old actress had her lips plumped by fillers like juvederm or restylane. Her current lips are a bit more nutritious and plump. She looks so young though. Her forehead might be injected with the botox treatment to remove any wrinkles on her forehead.

Jennifer Grey denied all the speculation about her facial injection. She said that she wanted to do some injections, but her husband, Clark Gregg said no way because he thought that Jennifer looked great and didn’t need surgery.

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