Jayde Nicole Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

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Jayde Nicole Plastic Surgery

Jayde Nicole Plastic Surgery

Jayde Nicole’s appearance has been noticed by many people. She appears with an unnatural beauty. She has big breasts, a new shape of the nose and plump lips. It looks like Jayde Nicole has already fallen into the plastic surgery world.

Dr Sherrel J. Ahton guessed that Nicole has done several plastic procedures including a breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and lip injections. Dr. David Shaffer from Manhattan added that the 27 year old actress might also have had cheek fillers and botox.

Jayde Nicole Breast Implant

Jayde Nicole Breast Augmentation

By comparing her pictures from time to time, we found many differences. First, her breasts are bigger and fuller than before, the result of a successful breast augmentation. It’s been guessed that she had the breast augmentation when she was 23, around the time she became a playmate.

Second, Jayde’s nose looks narrower than before with a really nice nice tip. It looks better than before and really matches her face. Third, she may have had some fillers in her cheeps and lips. She may work with juvaderm or restylane to make her cheeks and lips look pump. Fourth, she’s had her forehead smoothed with botox, making it look shiny and tight.

It looks like most of her surgeries were done well. However, her decision to have botox and other fillers needs to be reconsidered. She’s too young to need all this. If she wants to look more mature, she should rethink what she’s done, and it’s only making her look older.

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