Janet Jackson Goes Under the Knife

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Once again, I have another celebrity to report who has clearly gone under the knife for some plastic surgery. This time around I’m talking about Janet Jackson. Last week, she was seen out at a Vogue Fashion event in Dubai with a much puffier face and very arched eyebrows. To put it simply, the 48-year-old sister of the late King of Pop looked quite different from what any of us remember.

Janet Jackson Goes Under the Knife

Janet Jackson Goes Under the Knife

Over time, we have come to associate Jackson with her dimples and adorable smile, but now that’s nowhere to be seen. Her face is unrecognizable. Now, there are going to be those here that argue that  the change in appearance could just be the result of gaining weight. She has definitely put on some pounds since the last time she was seen in public. Plus, Jackson has always been one of those stars who publicly battled with her weight.

However, in this case, I’m certain that’s not the case. For starters, here Jackson does not have one single wrinkle. At age 48, there should be some signs of aging going on. Besides that, her face is way too full for her age. Most women, as they get older, start to lose the fat in their face, as the collagen thins out. Again, the opposite is happening here for Jackson. While I can’t judge a celebrity for wanting to go under the knife, since they are under strict scrutiny, I don’t understand when stars go this extreme. The public recognizes you with one image, and when you change that, you’re completely jeopardizing your career.

Janet Jackson Goes Under the Knife

Janet Jackson Goes Under the Knife

Personally, I feel if a celebrity is going to opt for plastic surgery, they should stick to a procedure that will come across as subtle. You don’t want to change your whole appearance. Instead, you want to enhance what you already have. What do you think of these plastic surgery rumors plaguing Jackson? Do you think she went under the knife or is the media just being too critical? Sound off!

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