Jamie Lee Curtis Plastic Surgery

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Jamie Lee Curtis might look younger than her age, but she is not satisfied or disappointed with what she has done. The 54 year old actress has admitted to some plastic surgeries procedures in her life. She even said that she had a little liposuction and botox. She also commented that her procedures didn’t work that well. The liposuction didn’t have much of an effect on her body, and she looked worse after the surgery. 

Jamie Lee Curtis Plastic Surgery

Jamie Lee Curtis Then and Now

Beside those two procedures, she also said that she had an eyelid surgery when she was 35 years old. And she felt that the procedures also made her worse. According to a  plastic surgeon, Dr. John Di Saia, Curtis was too young when she had an eyelid surgery. The liposuction might be unsuccessful due to her having a not much fat.

In our opinion, for a 54 year old woman, she still looks okay. But whenever she stops doing plastic surgery, that will be a good decision. Just being grateful for what God gave you is the best thing you could do.

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