Hyun Bin Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Hyun Bin is best known as a top Korean actor. It’s a little surprising that the good-looking Hyun Bin has gone under the knife before. The 30 year old actor was rumored to have had work done on his nose and jaw. The speculation from the public appeared when people compared his earlier photos to his current photos.

Hyun Bin Plastic Surgery

Hyun Bin Then and Now Photo

There have been significant changes in his jaw. He used to have a bigger jaw, and now it looks slimmer. People go both ways on whether he had surgery to create a similar jaw, or whether his similar jaw was the result of a natural change such as losing weight. There have also been changes in his nose that caused other rumors. At a glance, we can see that the bridge of his nose is now narrower. However, the change isn’t significant and could be from something like make up instead.

Hyun bin hasn’t commented on the rumors. The rumors about his jaw may just be rumors, and could have been caused by weight loss.  Similarly, rumors about his nose could be just that. What do you think? Have you noticed something?

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6 Responses

  1. Mily says:

    He looks the same to me, thinner for sure but the same.
    I don’t know why he would have to go under the knife at this stage in his career anyway, if his looks were part of what has made him into a star, then he was already gorgeous enough before and what’s the use of changing the way you look when you are this beautiful to begin with?
    I think that he looks the same and these photo were simply taken at different ages, from different angles and he did lose a lot of weight.
    Either way, he is a joy to watch, a good actor and a handsome man.

  2. IMA says:

    I don’t thinks so. When you loose weight. Everything changes including you. Your old self. He is lovely tooo look at.

  3. Angel says:

    Face shapes can change over time and as people age. Many people have commented that my face looks slimmer than before but I didn’t lose weight nor do any plastic surgery. It could also be camera angle or the loss of baby fats.

  4. fan says:

    In the after pic: his face is too symmetrical, chin is bigger. He had plastic surgery to narrow face. I like his before picture. More masculine. Nevertheless, he is cute in both pictures.

  5. dee per says:

    i don’t think he had gone under the knife.. his jaw becomes slim t because he loses weight..

    • Burakku says:

      I agree. In the before photo he was younger and chubbier. The jawlines are the same – except in the after photo he’s leaner and looks more mature. Also, the after photo is a professional photo. He’s a model – makeup can do a lot to change the way a person’s face is shaped.