Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery

Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Hunter Tylo, who is currently half a century old, was rumored to have plastic surgery in order to enhance her looks. She possibly had several plastic surgeries including a boob job, facelift, nose job, botox injections, lip surgery, cheek implants and fake eye contacts. She has completely changed everything on her face.

The first suspect is her boob job, the big and round breasts she has are not her originals, they are much bigger and rounder than before. The second suspect is Hunter’s face and the cheeks. The face looks tight and much younger than before, but her cheeks look overdone with implants, and looks too plump.

Hunter Tylo Boob Job

Hunter Tylo Boob Job

The third suspect is the nose job and the wrinkle-free forehead she has now. The nose is narrower than before, while the forehead has been injected with botox to make it smooth.

Her lips might be one of the most drastic changes, and probably the worst part of her new face. The shape of the lips looks like fish lips. It looks so plump, it shows that she had too much filler injected.  She might have been going for lips like Angelina Jolie but it didn’t work out as expected. Another rumor also said that her colored-eye contacts are fake too. The woman whose birth name is Deborah Jo Hunter has changed to be a different person, she is no longer the Hunter Tylo that people know.

Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery Photo

Hunter Tylo Plastic Surgery Photo

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36 Responses

  1. Dar says:

    Must have the same surgeon as Lara Flynn Boyle.

  2. Stud Muffin says:

    Tylo should have let nature take its course, she looks like Joan Rivers now.

  3. Steve says:

    Tylo looks more beautiful than ever before ! She looked Plain Jane before the plastic surgery, i dont know what all you guys are on about ?, perhaps its just jealousy !

  4. elisr says:

    I don’t understand peoples need for plastic surgery. age the way God intended you. I do understand it for people who need it like removing a facial deformity or repairing after an accident but to get it just to fool father time is freaking rediculous. hunter tylo looked good before now she looks like every other old soap opera divas fake as hell.

  5. nanc says:

    tylo hunter was so much prettier before, I know she is aging but this look is not good…….

  6. maria says:

    The should hang her plastic surgeon on the highest tree, i think he works only for the bold and the beautiful, the others from the series looks even so ugly

  7. maria says:

    my god what is she ugly

  8. Anonymous says:

    She isn’t the woman She used to be!

  9. grace says:

    I agree with everyone…She was such a beautiful woman who looked so young, now she looks horrible, scary and about 60+ years old. What a disappoint!!!

  10. Sheri Heffner says:

    I read her book that she had written in 2000 and she has pictures of herself as a baby and her lips were big as a small child. She said her older brother teased her and would tell her “You lips look like you’ve eaten a big old jalapeno pepper”

  11. Rachel Rumer says:

    I don’t understand how someone as beautiful as Hunter Tylo was would ruin her looks for Hollywood. She should have just quit altogether and save her once beautiful face. No job is worth it.

  12. n barr says:

    Hunter was soooo beautiful with her perfect face. Can she possible have it reversed and put back like it was?

  13. Jean says:

    What a pity. I too thought she WAS one of the most beautiful women on screen. Completely gone wrong! Perhaps a little obsession there too.
    Its to look better not worse, and she doesn’t look better. Shame!

  14. Peter says:

    definitely much hotter with the plastic surgery.

  15. Anonymous says:

    She was an angel.

  16. Anonymous says:

    She really messed up her face!!!

  17. Florah says:

    I dnt knw wht to say,u whr beatiful why go that far hunter.

  18. Cloudio says:

    what a beautifull women she was , and then messed it up completely.

  19. marij says:

    If someone never ever needed any plastic suechery it’s her! such a shame..

  20. M says:

    why dont u trust god for ur beauty…shame

  21. catmandoo says:

    She looks like someone stretched her face. Drag queen look…? If that look was what she was going after…congrats, she nailed it!!!

  22. Karin van Sinten says:

    Ik keek altijd naar de b&b om haar te zien omdat het zo’n mooie vrouw WAS!!! Nu kijk ik hoe stom iemand kan zijn om jezelf zo lelijk te maken. Zonde zonde zonde!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sure the photo was taken within a few months after surgery. It takes at least a year after surgery before one starts to look normal so sure she is still swollen. She is a beautiful woman.

  23. Jj says:

    She is stunning both before and after the surgery, unfortunately before it was in a good way and after it’s in a scary way. Why Hunter why? You were gorgeous.

  24. D.c says:

    Yes, she WAS a beautiful woman, I’m sorry now she looks like a vampire…

  25. sarah says:

    That’s very sad, she looks like a burns victim

  26. Karen says:

    Wow , how to take a pretty face and make it look like a drag queen. She looks fake and stiff and like everyone else with more plastic than flesh . Sure will stop me from ever doing any of those procedures. So sad , not to be able to age gracefully, she would have been so much more beautiful.

  27. Donna says:

    I feel so ashamed and embarrassed for her appearance; my God what was she thinking, or not. She is awful looking, even on the show, not just in pictures. She must have a terrible illness or addiction because unless her face was destroyed in an accident, how could she ruin her looks. There has not been one person that has felt she looks appealing, she looks like and alien.

  28. Anonymous says:

    she was a beauty,,, now, she scares me,,, sooooo fake looking,,,

  29. Anonymous says:

    She used to be so much prettier, now she’s starting to look like Joan Rivers, Plastic, Plastic, Plastic……….

  30. sharon kochan says:

    It actually hurts to watch her talk and try to smile. What a shame not to leave what God gave her alone. She looks horrible – scary even -like a robot who is trying to talk.

  31. sheri says:

    she was so much more beautiful before her surgerires.I used to think she was one of the most beautiful women in the world.I don’t think that anymore:(

    • Linda Haag says:

      I totally agree. I hadn’t seen her in 20 years and the soap was on at the gym today. I was horrified. I hope she’s happy in her life, that is really all that matters.

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