Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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Holly Madison Plastic Surgery

Holly Madison Breast Augmentation Before and After Photo

Holly Madison should be proud with her decision to enhance her appearance. She admitted that she has had plastic surgery. The blonde American model had revealed that she had a breast augmentation and a rhinoplasty. She said that she wanted to get her boobs done in order to make her body proportional. And her breasts that we see nowadays are the results of the boob job. We can see that her breasts look much bigger than before, it is said her breasts changed from an A cup size to a D cup Size.

Holly said that the breast augmentation was done in 2001. The second plastic surgery is her nose. When she was asked why she got a rhinoplasty, she answered that her nose looked bigger in front of camera, and she decided to fix it. And the result seems great. She got a narrower and better nose that fits with her face.

Holly Madison Nose Job

Holly Madison Nose Job Before and After Photo

She is wise enough to not overdo her face. Further, the 33 year old lady added that the plastic surgery has helped her career. She said that everything looked easier once she got a new appearance with plastic surgery. The plastic surgery has boosted her confidence.

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