Hilary Duff’s Lip and Breast Augmentation

Hilary Duff is widely known for being an actress, model, author, singer, producer and most importantly, an entrepreneur. Born in 1987, she ended up marrying Mike Comrie when she was only 23. Since her debut back in 2001, she has had an active Hollywood career. She soared to fame from her performance in the hit television series ‘Lizzie McGuire’.

Even though she supports women who have plastic surgery, she denies she has had anything done herself. Although, she has said that she would do it in the future. No woman wants to be labeled as fake, but the changes in her body make you wonder just who is being honest.

Breast implants are commonly used by women to alter their appearance. When women have the perfect figure, they feel far more confident. Hilary Duff was no exception to the rule. As a Hollywood celebrity, she figured she needed to get one done as well. Based on information from plastic surgeons, they believe that the perfect shape in her breasts are the direct result of silicone implants. She went from a 34B up to a 36C, so she didn’t overdo it like so many other celebrities have done.

Hilary Duff breast augmentation

Hilary Duff Breast Augmentation

Hilary Duff has also undergone rhinoplasty surgery to restructure her nose form. Her nose was once bulbous, but now her nostril flare seems like it is narrower. Overall, her look is more elegant. Even though you might think every plastic surgery will go as planned, there is always the chance that something could go wrong. Just because her other two surgeries were a success, that didn’t mean this one was going to be. Her lip augmentation went horribly wrong.

Hilary Duff lip augmentation

Hilary Duff Lip Augmentation

Even though adding in the right amount of filler could help to improve your appearance, injecting more than needed will wind up making it far worse. In Hilary’s case, she wound up with a fishlike appearance that makes her look weird. Based on other rumors, it is believed that she went through cosmetic dentistry procedures because there were people who said that the front teeth were too big.

Although, the surgeries she went through gave some positive results, it makes you wonder if it was necessary in the first place.


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