Harry Connick Jr. vs. Quentin Alexander

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Did you watch American Idol last night? Well if you did, you saw things got quite awkward between judge Harry Connick Jr. and contestant Quentin Alexander. So, what happened? After Alexander performed the Lenny Kravitz’ hit “Are You Gonna Go My Way” and received his feedback from the judges, Ryan Seacrest asked him what was running through his mind. At this point, Alexander couldn’t keep his emotions in check and said, “This sucks. My best friend is sitting over there…this whole thing is wack. But I’m gonna shut up now.”

Harry Connick Jr. vs. Quentin Alexander

Harry Connick Jr. vs. Quentin Alexander

That’s when things got uncomfortable. Harry Connick Jr. found Alexander’s attitude completely “disrespectful.” The 47-year-old judge continued to say, “If it’s wack, you can always go home. Idol is paying a lot of money to give you this experience and for you to say that to the hand that’s feeding you right now is highly disrespectful.” Alexander was definitely not going to back down to Connick Jr. He went right back up to the judges’ table and said, “When I was saying this is wack, I wasn’t saying this (gestures to the whole stage) is wack. That is wack (pointing to his friends in the bottom two).” Connick Jr. obviously answered back, “What’s wack? It’s a competition.”

Alexander continued to clarify, “For my personal feelings, it sucks to see two people who I’ve grown to love go home. That’s what I mean is wack. I’m not disrespecting this competition.” Connick Jr. then gave in, saying, “That wasn’t clear.” Still not ready to back down, the 21-year-old contestant bit back, “I’m glad I got to clarify it for you.”

Harry Connick Jr. vs. Quentin Alexander

Harry Connick Jr. vs. Quentin Alexander

After all that, Alexander’s friend Joey Cook still went home. Whose side are you on? Personally, I don’t know where I stand on this feud. I see both sides. I think Alexander’s intentions in what he said was good and genuine. I don’t think he was trying to be disrespectful, but at the same time, he probably should have kept his mouth shut. It’s a competition and someone has to go home. What do you think?

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