Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

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Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Photo

Halle Berry Breast Implant Before and After Photo

Most actresses who have won Academy Awards are always dealing with plastic surgery. Halle Berry, who has been changing her appearance, is one of them. Even though she denied this rumor, her photos recently showed that her appearance has changed, at least for some parts of her body. Further, when an incision appears on her body, there is no doubt that she surely has had plastic surgery.

It is no secret anymore that when a person has plastic surgery, there will be a scar or incision that will appear, but it depends on the surgeon whether he can hide the scar or not. First, she had a  breast augmentation that is very easily seen by the public. It is common to have an incision on her armpit after this procedure, because most of the work is done through the armpits. Halle’s recent photos show that she has bigger and fuller breasts than she had a few years ago.

Halle Berry Plastic Surgery

Halle Berry Nose Job Before and After Photo

Next, her nose job is also easily seen. It’s obvious that the shape of her nose has changed drastically. Her wide nose has become much slimmer, as you can see from the comparison photos. This rumor can’t be proved without a confirmation from her. Her plastic surgery has gone a little big wrong because she no longer looks natural.

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