Haifa Wehbe Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Haifa Wehbe Plastic Surgery before and after photo

Haifa Wehbe Plastic Surgery

Haifa Wehbe, who is a famous Lebanese singer, is rumored to have done a lot of plastic surgery on her appearance. First, her breast augmentation and lip augmentation are the easiest to see for the public. The drastic changes in these features are surely the result of her going under the knife. She also did cheek implants and chin implants, which you can see on her face from the pictures. She also had both botox and fillers injections in an attempt to be prettier and sexier. She must have found a great plastic surgeon, because she always gets great results from her surgery.

Haifa Wehbe Plastic Surgery before and after hoto

Haifa Wehbe Plastic Surgery Photo

In addition, she probably had an eyebrow lift and nose job, in order to make her appearance prettier and more attractive. It seems that she is addicted to going under the knife and continually become what she thinks is more beautiful.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Looks like she asked to be the latest Kardashian…