Goo Hara Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

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Goo Hara might be a bit annoyed with her past photos appearing online. Her appearance has really changed, and she may be a plastic surgery patient. Like many American actresses, we have no doubt that a lot of Korean actresses have gone under the knife. She recently revealed that she has had surgery in the past.

Goo Hara Plastic Surgery

Goo Hara Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

She admitted that she has done three procedures in her life, including eyelid surgeries, a nose fix and a fix to her teeth. Following a double eyelid surgery (a common procedure for Koreans), her eyes look more open and prettier.

Second, she said that based on her management’s opinion, she needed to do something to her nose. She said that it wasn’t called a nose job, but that she had a shot. Instead of the wide nose she used to have, her current one looks really nice.

Third, she said she had her teeth fixed. They look pretty and neat.

Overall, Goo Hara did some great things to her face. And she should be appreciated for being brave enough to admit the truth. The result itself is really fantastic. She is so beautiful now.

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