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Glenn Close is another example of actresses who love making their look more youthful. Did she go under the knife? Yes, she probably did. Many people noticed that Glenn Close has kept her youthful and that the result could be because of some procedures. The speculations about the plastic surgeries appeared, many people thought that Glen Close might have botox and fillers injections, and a nose job.

Glenn Close Plastic Surgery

Glenn Close Plastic Surgery

From her appearance, over the years people can see that the speculation might be true. The first is the possible botox injection. She might have injected some amount of botox in her forehead in order to remove any wrinkles appearing on it. It looks like the procedure was well done, and not overdone.

The second procedure is a fillers injection. Fillers were used to refresh her look and remove some wrinkles on her face. You can see that at one point her cheeks look a bit more plump or fuller. With the fillers, her face looked fresher and more youthful without any sagging skin. Her eyes also look refreshed.

Besides those two injections, there are also significant changes in her nose. Glenn Close used to have a wider nose with a bigger tip. And after her possible nose job, the nose looks nicely reshaped. The nose has become narrower with smaller tip.

Her plastic surgery was a great thing. She has successfully brought her younger look into the future. Unfortunately, there appear to be some spots of dead skin on her body. A chemical peel could be the perfect thing for this. What kind of plastic surgery should she do in the future?

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