Geena Davis Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Geena Davis Plastic Surgery

Geena Davis Plastic Surgery

Geena Davis, at 57 years old looks forever young. She has successfully maintained her look. Therefore many people imagined what she has done to her face. In fact, many rumors appeared to answer the mystery. Geena was rumored to have had some plastic surgeries to achieve this look.

Lip injections, eye lift, facelift and botox injections are the most possible plastic surgeries that she has had. First, she made her lips more nutritious. It looks like she got fillers injected in her lips. Second, the eye lift surgery is used to make all the sagging skin under her eyes vanish. Her eyes look more refreshed now.

Geena Davis Plastic Surgery Photo

Geena Davis Before and After

A facelift and botox are the other two possible plastic surgeries. The facelift has made her face tighten in order to rejuvenate her look while the botox treatment is used to remove any wrinkles on her forehead. Now she looks younger than her age. Dr Jennifer Walden, a Manhattan plastic surgeon, said that Geena might have had a facelift and lip injection. But Geena actually has a natural beauty, with or without a plastic surgery she still looks great at that age. What do you think of it? Do you have different idea?

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6 Responses

  1. No one in particulat says:

    Everybody looks older, eventually…either naturally – or artificially via plastic surgery. Most plastic surgeries make the recipient look older (in an unnatural way), not younger.

  2. BILL GRIFFITH says:

    You what she looks like? She looks like someone who has obviously had poor plastic surgery, which is really the exact opposite effect one is looking for, right? Just another of the “WTF did she do to herself” idiots.

  3. Lara Lidcombe says:

    Whoever wrote this piece of crap is illiterate. ‘Nutritious’ lips. Really.

  4. rchrdcrg says:

    She doesn’t look terrible or anything, but that doesn’t even look like her any more… I was looking her up on Wikipedia, saw a picture, and was like “is that even Geena Davis?”, and a quick Google search for “Geena Davis plastic surgery” brought me here. She really doesn’t look the same, and she was so amazingly pretty already. She’s definitely had surgery, which isn’t hard to imagine since her husband is a plastic surgeon, but she’s just another example of why people need to stop this nonsense… I wouldn’t have even recognized her in those photos if I didn’t already know it was her.

    • Kurnia says:

      Duh! Of course she does not look like she was anymore since she is much older now. If you had the money, I am sure you would do the same, doing plastic surgery when you look old, and wrinkly. So don’t judge!

  5. Lucky says:

    This woman looks exactly her age. Her lips do not look any more plumped than before. Wrinkles under the eyes have not been removed. Her eyebrows are exactly where they are supposed to be. Not everyone’s face falls dramatically after the age of 50 — good bone structure and healthy living still counts for something. There’s a saying that the first half of your life you have the face you are born with; the last half of your life you get the face you deserve. Geena is fantastic proof of that. To whom ever submitted this article? Epic fail.