The Game vs. Kevin Durant

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What celebrities are fighting this time around? Well, it looks like it’s none other than Kevin Durant and The Game. This should surprise absolutely no one, though, since The Game loves to have beef with people, especially basketball hotshots like Durant. Don’t worry, Durant can hold his own, as he’s not innocent to the whole celebrity fighting scene. In the past, he’s gotten pretty heated with rappers, most notably Lil B. So, how did this fight even start? Well, where do I begin?

The Game vs. Kevin Durant

The Game vs. Kevin Durant

Recently, The Game decided to post an Instagram video of himself on the court making a 3-point shot. Sounds innocent enough, right? Think again. As part of his caption, The Game wrote, “Bet Kevin Durant a.k.a. @EasyMoneySniper $20,000 that he’d have to donate to the @froggallstars & play wit #LaFamilia in the #DrewLeague if I made an NBA 3 pointer all net & my hittas @jharden13 @Demar_Derozan & @ChampagnePapi was right there to witness it all… I guess that’s that !” In other words, now that he made the shot, Durant owes $20,000 to fund the rapper’s youth basketball team. A bet’s a bet, so what went wrong?

Durant claims that he never agreed to the bet, but instead said that he would give The Game’s team some gear. He explained on his own Instagram account that with 120 kids on The Game’s charity organization and shoes that cost close to $200, he would be donating around $20,000. However, he made it clear, he would not be writing up a check to The Game for $20,000 in cash.

The Game vs. Kevin Durant

The Game vs. Kevin Durant

Fans of both these guys, don’t have to worry much longer. The Game and Durant have announced publicly that this feud was the result of miscommunication. It seems that these two got their wires crossed. What Durant thought was going to be a good deed in gear, The Game assumed was $20,000 in cash.The guys made it clear that there is no bad blood between one another and they just want to move past this whole incident.

How do you feel about this battle between The Game and Kevin Durant? Do you think it was legit or just a product of publicity for The Game’s youth organization and Durant’s show line? Let me know.

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