Five Plastic Surgeries that Went Bad

With the amount of plastic surgery that happens in Hollywood, it’s no surprise that more than a few surgeries ended with less than stellar results. Bad plastic surgery can result in nasty scarring, breast gaps and fat deposits. From too-tight face lifts to overly-puffed lips, here are five famous surgeries that didn’t turn out so hot:

Plastic Surgeries that Went Bad

Danielle Staub: This Real Housewife is more than happy to fess up to several plastic surgeries including Botox injections, breast augmentation and a rumored chin surgery. Recent photos also hint at a brow lift that took it a little too high. The perpetual look of surprise on her face makes it difficult to tell what she’s really feeling.



Jocelyn Wildenstein:  The idea of turning oneself into a cat via plastic surgery sounds a little absurd, but that was Wildenstein’s goal. She claimed her husband had a thing for cats so she attempted to change her appearance to please him with a number of surgeries including eye lifts, face lift, cheek implants, lip implants and more. Her surgeries cost over $4 million! That’s enough money to feed a small country.




Melanie Griffith: The beautiful girl-next-door seems to have vanished under an array of plastic surgeries. Rumored surgeries include several face-lifts, Botox, lip injections, a nose job and cheek implants. The results seemed to have made her look older, rather than younger.

Lil Kim: She’s still pretty, but she was naturally gorgeous. Kim’s natural look was replaced with a rumored nose job, lip injections and breast and cheek implants. Even though she’s still pretty, she looks more like a human doll than a human being. Sometimes the natural look is so much better.

Dolly Parton: Although she’s most well-known for her crazy breast implants, she’s also had a brow lift, eye lid lift, rhinoplasty, face list and Botox injections. The result is surprisingly young-looking face that’s very obviously fake. An attractive woman in her own right, the surgeries robbed everyone of watching her age beautifully.

If you opt to undergo plastic surgery just like the stars, keep in mind that there are many risks involved with the procedures including blood clots, seroma, and tissue death and nerve injury. Repeated procedures also carry higher risks as your body takes longer to recover and may have less to recover with.

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