Facelift Impossible: Tom Cruise

Rumors have it that Mission Impossible star, Tom Cruise, is taking surgical measures to make sure his face stays young and fresh for the newest installment of the Mission Impossible franchise. At 52 Cruise looks just a little too good for his age, according to rumors.

Tom Cruise facelift?


Life and Style Magazine told readers that Cruise forked over some serious cash to shave years off his appearance for the upcoming film. Sources say that Cruise may have spent upwards of $50,000 on his newer, younger face. The surgical procedure is said to have involved sucking fat for other areas of his body (did he really have any fat?) and injecting it into his face.

Although Cruise has always denied undergoing plastic surgery, the surgical results are good, but not good enough to escape the attention of Hollywood’s nosiest gossips. Rumors have been spreading that Cruise’s team actually interviewed women to become Cruise’s next wife and perhaps this is the reason this Hollywood legend has been freshening up his looks.

If Cruise is really holding “auditions” for a wife, the last thing he should be worried about is looking younger. There may not be very many women ready to audition for the role of “wife.” While Cruise’s celebrity status requires a more delicate dating process, surely the idea of, I don’t know, actually dating isn’t that farfetched.

Of course, Cruise’s ex-wives, have reportedly commented on Tom’s sexist behavior playing major roles in the ending of their relationships. If rumors of his casting-calls for a new wife are true, Cruise may have a hard time finding the type of woman he needs to keep his public image the positive.

This is not the first time Tom has made the news with a newer looking face.  In 2014, Tom showed up with a fuller face that many attributed to cheek fillers or other plastic surgery. Cruise’s natural good looks practically eliminate the need for plastic surgery. Fortunately the work Cruise has had done is subtle enough to keep him aging gracefully. Fingers crossed that no one shows up at his next wife-auditions, if only to teach him a lesson on proper courtship! No matter how much your freshen up your looks, making women interview before you consider dating them is pretty tacky.


Image 1: www.youtube.com

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