Eva Mendes Expecting Ryan Gosling’s Baby

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Today I have some happy, or sad news (depending on how you look at it) to report. It seems like Ryan Gosling is finally going to be a father.  Last week, it was announced that his longtime girlfriend Eva Mendes is pregnant. This will be the first child for both actors. It’s okay, ladies. My heart is shattering into a million pieces too. Sigh.

Eva Mendes Expecting Ryan Gosling's Baby

Eva Mendes Expecting Ryan Gosling’s Baby

Gosling and Mendes first started dating back in September 2011, when they met on the set of their movie, “The Place Beyond the Pines”. Since then, the couple has managed to keep their relationship on the down-low.  In fact, it is reported that the 40-year-old actress is already seven months along. How she managed to hide her baby bump for so long is beyond me.  Then again, it is not too surprising that the public is the last to know about this pregnancy. Both Gosling and Mendes are super private when it comes to their personal lives. They are rarely seen out together and haven’t been photographed with one another in over a year now.

To me, though, while the news of Gosling and Mendes being parents is big, it is even bigger news that they are still together as a couple. Back in February, the two were subject of one breakup rumor after the next. However, Mendes’ rep made sure to quickly squash that report.  This also isn’t the first time Mendes has undergone pregnancy rumors. Five months ago, all the news outlets were buzzing that Mendes had a bun in the oven when she refused to go through the body scanner at LAX Airport.  At the time, Mendes’ rep also made sure to put an end to that rumor pronto.

Eva Mendes Expecting Ryan Gosling's Baby

Eva Mendes Expecting Ryan Gosling’s Baby

Both Gosling and Mendes’ rep has yet to comment on the latest pregnancy rumor, but in my opinion, I think this one is legit. If neither rep wants to deny these reports, then it is probably true. Especially when they were so quick to act in the past on similar rumors. What are your thoughts? Even if I’m not quite ready to acknowledge that my biggest celeb crush is going to be a dad, at least we’ll get plenty of pictures of Gosling with a baby. That’s definitely a plus.

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