Eric Stonestreet vs. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley

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Uh oh, we’ve got another feud in Hollywood to report and this one involves “Modern Family” star Eric Stonestreet and KISS band members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. Sounds like a pretty unlikely fight, right? So what exactly caused the rift between these two parties? Well, it all started when Stonestreet’s mother ran into the musicians on her flight. Naturally, she texted her son to fill him in on the situation, making a quick pun about whether or not she should give Simmons a kiss. From there, things soon escalated, which you can see in the screngrabs of Stonestreet’s text conversations with his mother, which he later posted on Instagram.

Eric Stonestreet's Instagram Feud

Eric Stonestreet vs. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley

According to Stonestreet, “Turns out both Gene Simmons AND Paul Stanley were on my mom’s flight to Kansas City. Gene tried to bully my mom out of her seat and when she said no, he said, it’s ok, I just bought the plane and then asked her for HER autograph- d*ck move.” That’s not all that happened, though. Turns out Stanley played a part in the feud too. Stonestreet then wrote, “The Paul called her ‘Aunt Bee’ -d*ck move.”  The actor finally ended his argument with, “I can’t wait to run into you two old ass makeup wearing f—s and tell you in person; you should have been nicer to my mom.”  Those are some pretty strong fighting words, so of course it was only expected that the KISS members would have something to say back. 

In today’s day and age, when you have a public statement to make, you take to Twitter and that’s exactly what Simmons and Stanley did. However, each have completely different views on what really went down that day. Simmons tweeted, “Someone posted a story which is blatantly untrue. The essence of it was that we were mean to somebody’s mother. It’s simply untrue.” Stanley, on the other hand, tweeted, “I actually waited so your mom could get off first. The rest-A misunderstanding of joking. I apologize anyway. Good son.”

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley Twitter Feud

Eric Stonestreet vs. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley

It seems that apology from Stanley was just what Stonestreet needed to read. The actor tweeted back Stanley saying, “Thank u for that. She did tell me you let her go first. I will tape my glow in the dark Kiss posters back together now.” How did he feel about Simmons’ response, though? It appears that tweet just didn’t settle right with him, which is why he tweeted Simmons back with the remark, “OK @GeneSimmons. Take care. I assure u, I will have a stern talk with my mom about making up stories. Old people, ya know? OUR apologies :)” None of us may really know what took place on that Kansas City flight last week, but it’s good to see these guys letting bygones be bygones.

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