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Is Bethenny Frankel Too Thin?

Is Bethenny Frankel Too Thin?

There has been a lot of talk lately on whether or not The Real Housewives of New York City‘s star Bethenny Frankel is too thin. Normally, this cast is so cut-throat and out to get one another, but when it comes to Frankel’s weight the co-stars can’t help but support her. When asked during an interview with E! News, Ramona Singer spoke candidly about Frankel’s appearance. Singer said, “She looks fabulous. She eats. She looks healthy. She’s fabulous. She’s fun. She’s exciting.” Countess LuAnn de Lesseps added to the interview by stating, “She’s always eating actually. She just eats and eats and looks...

Hilary Duff lip augmentation

Hilary Duff’s Lip and Breast Augmentation

Hilary Duff is widely known for being an actress, model, author, singer, producer and most importantly, an entrepreneur. Born in 1987, she ended up marrying Mike Comrie when she was only 23. Since her debut back in 2001, she has had an active Hollywood career. She soared to fame from her performance in the hit television series ‘Lizzie McGuire’. Even though she supports women who have plastic surgery, she denies she has had anything done herself. Although, she has said that she would do it in the future. No woman wants to be labeled as fake, but the changes in...

Jocelyn Wildenstein Cat Woman

Jocelyn Wildenstein – Example of Plastic Surgery Disaster

Jocelyn Wildenstein is an active socialite and ex-wife of billionaire art-dealer heir Alec Wildenstein. She always wanted to look more like wild cat. So, to fulfill her dreams she had undergone various kinds of cosmetic procedures and has spent over $4 million on these plastic surgeries. It results the transformation of natural beauty into a beast. Initially, there were rumors that she had undergone several surgeries to get attention of her husband who loved big wild cats. She thought that her husband would not leave her if she became more feline. But, even after their divorce she continued with the surgeries big cats....

Callista Gingrich Plastic Surgery

Callista Gingrich Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Callista Gingrich’s face is obviously explained by her going under the knife. She’s had several types of plastic surgery. According to Dr. Nassif, the 47 year old possibly had a brow lift, several fillers, a facelift, and a rhinoplasty. The first possibility is her brow lift. Her brow looks higher than before, and she may have done it to make her fine brow look more youthful. The second potential is fillers, which she may have injected into her forehead. We can see that her forehead is wrinkle free, smooth, and flawless. However, it looks like too much botox was injected...

Adrien Arpel Plastic Surgery

Did Adrien Arpel Have Plastic Surgery?

Adrien Arpel’s name is associated with a natural skin care product. She is currently 72 years old. And a thing that makes people wonder recently is her look. She appeared with look much younger than her age. Is this the result of her own skin care product? People guessed that it’s not only the result of a skin cream, but that she possibly had a plastic surgery. Did Adrien Arpel Have Plastic Surgery? was last modified: June 28th, 2014 by Jatin Jones