Emmanuelle Beart Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

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Emmanuelle Beart used to be a naturally gorgeous lady. But in some moments, she must feel disappointed for her decision to have plastic surgery. She herself has revealed her disappointment about having plastic surgery to her lips. The 49 year old Emmanuelle Beart had a lip augmentation.

Emmanuelle Beart Plastic Surgery

Emmanuelle Beart Lip Augmentation Before and After Photo

As we compare her previous photo when she was younger and the current photo, we find that her lips augmentation didn’t turn out well. Her lips lookso unnaturally plump. And the poor looks older, with frozen lips. Having bad plump lips must make her unhappy, her current smile is even weird.

Did she end her time with plastic surgery? There’s a rumor that even though she had bad plastic surgery on her lips, she still decided to do some additional procedures including breast implants and botox. She got implants to enhance the volume of her breasts while, the botox was used to remove all the wrinkles that appeared on the forehead.

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