Elle Macpherson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

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Elle Macpherson Plastic Surgery

Elle Macpherson Plastic Surgery

Elle Macpherson is a supermodel who is known for her nickname “the body.” She begsn her career in 1982. The nickname “the body” was given to her by Time Magazine when she appeared on the cover. Her significant change of her appearance created has many speculations about her activities to enhance her look to be youthful. Is it true?

The speculations said that she had already gone under the knife, including botox, a nose job, lip surgery and breast implants. First, the botox treatment may have been used by her. We can see from her face that she has no wrinkles, and the forehead is completely smooth. It seems she has done so well to keep her look youthful. Besides the forehead, she also got the wrinkles on her knee which injected  with a botox, making them vanish as well.

Second, her nose is another point she reformed. It looks like her nose has been changed with a rhinoplasty in order to make it more suitable for her face. The third, the 49 year old supermodel might also have had her lips done by lip augmentation. Her lips look plumped and nutritious, it seems they were injected with juvederm or restylane. Her breasts also have changed. Earlier, they were smaller, but now they look much bigger and rounder. Elle Macpherson denied the rumors about her breasts and said that  it completely natural.

Overall, she looks more and more beautiful, she has no overdone plastic surgery. Unfortunately some fans disagree with her decision, because she is no longer naturally beautiful. Do you feel the same??

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  1. Ssslith says:

    This article is crap. There’s no evidence short of the lack of wrinkles on her forehead to justify the notion she’s had any surgeries. Anyone who has seen Sirens has seen her breasts are hardly small, and she deliberately gained 25 pounds for that role — no doubt some portion of which went straight to her tits — and they moved completely naturally at that point.

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