Did Drake Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Born Aubrey Drake Graham, this 27 year old sensation records his records under the mononym Drake. This Canadian rapper, actor, recording artist and songwriter was born in Toronto, Canada. It was on the television series Degrassi: The Next Generation that he first gained recognition. He released a number of different mixtapes before he was actually signed in June of 2009 with Young Money Entertainment. This young talent is sure to keep producing albums that captivate audiences across the world and help him maintain his position in the music industry.



For many of those who love Drake, they wonder if the singer ever underwent plastic surgery to fit in with the rest of Hollywood superstars. In reality, he did end up having to go through surgery. However, it wasn’t one that he planned on having done beforehand. Back in 2006, he was involved in a nasty car accident where a man ran through a red light and crashed into him head on.

Because of the collision, he ended up having to go through plastic surgery and deal with having his jaw wired shut. He is extremely lucky to even be here today. With his amazing talents, we are lucky to have him here to share his music with people from around the world.

Rapper Drake

Rapper Drake

You can tell this rapper has definitely taken the world by storm with his more than 28 million likes on Facebook and 10 million plus followers on Twitter. Team Drizzy is one of the top fan bases in the music industry, and we can see why. Do you remember when the fan got a tattoo on their forehead of the singing sensation? How could anyone forget something so crazy?

His fan base is astronomical. The fans support him in all he does. Every time he goes on tour, drops a new music video or gets into a beef with one of the other artists. His fans aren’t going to take any nonsense. If someone gets in their way, the fans will be sure to put them in check without a second thought. Best steer clear of their bad side unless you want to suffer the repercussions.

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