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Donna Mills Plastic Surgery

Donna Mills Plastic Surgery

Do you still remember the famous American soap opera Knots Landing, which aired on television from 1979 – 1993? If you remember it, you should have remembered Donna Mills, who was born on December 11th, 1940. Mills is the former face of this famous soap opera. She is 72 years old now and still has a  good looking appearance. So, it is not surprising anymore if the plastic surgery rumors go to her.

In order to create her youthful appearance, Donna Mills might have had a facelift as well as Laser treatments on her face. It is seen clearly that the skin of her face is tight. The horizontal line and wrinkles of her forehead have also disappeared completely. It is very amazing to have a teenager’s appearance like that in her age.

Further, she might also do botox injections as well as filler injections in order to make her skin smoother and fuller. We can say this because women in their seventies never look like Donna. After that, in order to plump her lips up and make them thicker, she probably had a lip augmentation as well as other plastic surgery. Based on those facts, it might be concluded that she has gone “under the knife” several times, even a professional surgeon added that it is impossible to have such a youthful appearance in your seventies without doing plastic surgery.

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2 Responses

  1. lucy says:

    I think she is so beautiful and I don’t care if she may or may not has things done. If my career depended on a little refreshing I would do it. I want the age spots off my hands!!!! I had a tummy tuck and glad I did so my clothes looked nicer on me. Cheers to all beautiful women looking the best they can without going too far!!!

  2. Drew says:

    I don’t believe that Ms. Mills has had any plastic surgery at all. She likely had her teeth capped many years ago while she was still young, and perhaps she’s had Botox now and then for her forehead, but otherwise, there’s no indication at all of “going under the knife.” She looks very natural and just wears a lot of foundation.

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