Doctor Tries to Clear Name in Cosmetic Surgery Death

Well… this is a little awkward. According to a story on New York Daily News, Dr. Jan Adams, a former California plastic surgeon is throwing verbal punches and demanding his name cleared in the 2007 death of Donda West. Donda was the mother of Kanye West and she died in 2007  following a cosmetic surgical procedure performed by Adams.



Not only does this doctor throw blame off himself, he tosses that blame right on Donda and her family, saying, “She didn’t have to die. But, people don’t do what they need to do. And much like children they look to blame someone else.” He further goes on to blame Kanye and his cousin Stephen Scoggins.

His interview tears into West and Scoggins by claiming the family does not want anyone to know what really happened.

Cosmetic Surgery Death?

According to reports, family members gave Donda lunch and pain medication, then left her to rest in bed. When they returned to check on her 30 minutes later, she was dead. Dr. Adams claims the family should take responsibility for leaving her alone. Really? First: Donda West had just undergone surgery. She was probably tired and in pain and wanted to sleep. Should a family member really have to hover over her bed as she slept? It is reasonable to expect that 30 minutes would be a safe amount of time to leave her alone.

Second: The doctor’s arrogance as seen in this AP Video is sickening. Adams did give up his medical license in 2011 following a series of complaints including two DUI convictions and four malpractice judgments, so why is he trying to clear his name by dragging other people down?

West passed away almost seven years ago. Why is Adams now seeking the clearing of his reputation? Her death may have garnered a lot of unwanted media attention, but he chose to give up his medical license. In fact, the medical examiner ruled Donda’s death a result of heart failure. They concluded that while post-operative issues could have played a role, that there was no evidence of surgical error.

The medical examiner agreed with him, or at least could not prove he did anything wrong. Maybe this is a long shot, but it seems more than a little tacky to drag someone’s death into the news again just to get a little more time in the spotlight.

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