Diet Secrets of the Stars

Much like the rest of America, I have been struggling to keep my weight in check. Come on now, it can be hard to put down the bag of potato chips and opt for celery and other fresh vegetables instead. Plus, don’t even get me started on trying to find time during the day to exercise. It really is tough. Well, I take a little bit of comfort in knowing that celebrities share this same issue. So many stars are on diets in order to get the figure they always wanted. Check out these Diet Secrets of the Stars:

Diet Secrets of the Stars

Jennifer Hudson: Diet Secrets of the Stars

First up, there is Jennifer Hudson. You may remember that she lost 80 pounds a couple years back thanks to the Weight Watchers program. Hudson found that by going through her cupboards and getting rid of all those temptation foods like banana pudding, she was able to stick to the goal at hand. Now, she stocks her drawers with foods like chicken and white eggs instead.

Then, there is Hollywood’s golden girl, Jennifer Lawrence. While Lawrence has never been overweight, she hasn’t exactly been stick thin, which is definitely a good thing. The Oscar-winning actress even once said, “I do exercise, but I don’t diet.” That’s because she wants to stay trim, not thin. To Lawrence, looking fit and strong is her main mission here and she was been adamant that she will never starve herself for a part.  Good for her.

Diet Secrets of the Stars

Kate Walsh: Diet Secrets of the Stars

Sometimes, though, you have to indulge. When you limit yourself completely, it’s often hard to follow through with your diet. No one knows this better than Kate Walsh.  In a recent interview,  the “Private Practice” star said, “”I try to eat healthy and stay away from processed foods, but I still love potato chips.” Walsh believes moderation is key here to achieving your goal weight. The actress also takes part in Pilates and jogs around LA’s Silver Lake whenever she has the chance.

Are you currently on a diet? What’s your routine look like? Has it been successful?

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