Did Kym Johnson Have Plastic Surgery?

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Plastic surgery is common among celebrities, especially in the United States. Kym Johnson is one of the many celebrities to undergo plastic surgery.

Kym Johnson Plastic Surgery

Kym Johnson Plastic Surgery

Kym Johnson’s appearance and whether or not she has had surgery has been discussed in many forums. Based on before and after photos, many people have concluded that Kym may have changed her look with plastic surgery. Most of those people speculate that she had botox injections and a browlift.  A botox injection would remove any wrinkles that appeared on her face, and it looks like this was successfully gone. She may have also undergone a brow lift to make her brow more elevated than it was prior. Kym also has good genes, and shouldn’t need to do any further procedures, especially because too much botox can be a bad thing.

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2 Responses

  1. Peapee says:

    Kym Johnson occasionally has a good genes, she actually didn’t need further procedures, the botox injection should be enough as long as she realize that too much botox could make a bad thing.

  2. Peapee says:

    To the writer of this article , please go back to 3rd grade. My six year old writes more eloquent than this.

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