Did Kim Tae Hee Have Plastic Surgery?

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Kim Tae-Hee’s appearance has been on people’s lips lately. Many people and fans are speculating whether their idol has gone under the knife like other Korean stars. Kim Tae Hee has not given any statements about the rumor, so that the fans and people can only continue to speculate.

Kim Tae Hee Plastic Surgery

Kim Tae Hee Then and Now Photo

Like with other Korean celebrities, the easy way to see the differences is by comparing past photos and present photos. After comparing the photos, we couldn’t find any specific changes in her look. For example, look back at Park Young Min and how she changed the shape of the jawline and the eyes. We didn’t find the same things in Kim Tae Hee’s case. The 33 year old star has the same eyes she had in the past, and the same shape of face. She appears to be naturally beautiful without any artificial changes. She is just ageless, and may be able to maintain her look with her lifestyle. The rumors that she’s gone under the knife don’t have strong support. It looks like she’s simply been blessed with a beautiful face. Do you agree?

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