Did Kim Delaney Have Plastic Surgery?

What do you think about Kim Delaney? At 51 years old, she looks naturally ageless. But, many fans and people notice that she is too beautiful for a woman of that age. They guess that some procedures have been done. Her tight skin, smooth forehead and lips are three parts that possibly were done with some procedures.

If we look at her picture, we will find that her skin looks so tight and youthful, too youthful for a 51 year old woman.  This could be the facelift result. Besides, she also completed her rejuvenation with botox. As many plastic surgery fans know, you must balance between the upper and lower face. The botox injected has successfully removed any wrinkles on the forehead.  She looks 20 years younger now.

Kim Delaney Plastic Surgery

Kim Delaney Plastic Surgery

The two plastic surgeries were good for her. There was another rumor about her having had bad plastic surgery – in her lips. A bad lip augmentation can be seen from the shape of the lips. If it appears weird and unnatural, such as a duck-mouth shape or fish-mouth shape, this was likely a bad plastic surgery. Kim Delaney’s lips were listed as a bad plastic surgery because they were too duck-like. She might have injected too much fillers into them.

Unfortunately, there’s no official confirmation from the star. But overall, she made a great decision to turn younger even though she did too much to her lips. But, the lips doesn’t appear too clearly. Therefore their shape doesn’t influence her look too much, although she may feel a bit disturbed with them. What do you think?

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