Did Beverly D’Angelo Have Plastic Surgery?

Beverly D’Angelo’s recent appearance stole people’s attention again. She had stolen people’s attention when she took a role in National Lampoon’s Vacation. But for now it’s not about her role in a movie or drama series. It’s about her look. It seems like the 61 year old actress has undergone plastic surgery.

Beverly D'Angelo Plastic Surgery

Beverly D’Angelo Then and Now

Dr Paul Nassif, a plastic surgeon said that Beverly has had several kinds of plastic surgeries including botox, facial fillers and a facelift. The first, on her forehead, we don’t find any wrinkles – it looks so smooth. She had botox treatment to remove all the wrinkles.

The second procedure is facial fillers in order to make her look much more nutritious. She possibly injected fillers in some points on her face, including the cheeks and lips. The cheek looked plump while the lips are much more refreshed and nutritious.

And the third procedure, a facelift has made her face look tighter than usual. She has made her face more youthful now. She looks good for a woman at that age. Many people think that her decision might be her own will to stay younger in her old age, not about keeping track in entertainment industry. Good job.

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2 Responses

  1. sharon smith says:

    Beverly, you were so beautiful. Why did you do what you did? You do not look younger – only tighter and fake. In the vacation movie, it seemed that you were afraid to say much so that your tight face didn’t crack.

  1. June 7, 2013

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