Demi Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery

Demi Moore’s appearance has been discussed by many people in recent years. This is because of the way she keeps her youthful look. She possibly has gone under the knife several years ago. Even though she is 50 years old now, her youthful look has cut 20 years of her age. She looks so amazing. There were several procedures she has done in the past. The procedures she possibly has had done include a nose job, botox injections or fillers and chemical peels, and teeth veneers.

Besides, she was also rumored to have had a breast augmentation and knee liposuction. First, we look at her current face, and we find that her face is really youthful. It indicats that plastic surgeries have taken a role in this. Her smooth forehead without any wrinkles indicates that she has had botox injections.

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery Photo

Demi Moore Before and After Photo

It looks like her cheeks may have been injected with fillers like juvederm or restylane. And a chemical peel might also be used to remove any spots on her skin so that she has really clean skin. Second, her nose seems a bit changed. In the past her nose looked like it had a rounder tip, and now the nose looks narrower with smaller tip. Third, we could see her neat teeth. It looks like she had dental veneers.

Demi Moore Knee Liposuction

Demi Moore Knee Liposuction Before and After Photo

Demi Moore could be called one of the plastic surgery queens in America, not only has her face fixed, but also other parts of her body. She possibly had a breast augmentation to increase the volume of her boobs to become a C cup. She looks much hotter with that big bust. And the latest rumor is about her knees. People noticed that it seems like the knees are the result of knee liposuction. She has refined her fully folding knee to be a more beautiful and acceptable knee.

A plastic surgeon,  Dr. Jennifer Walden, commented that Demi Moore looks so fantastic, and that she might have had a breast augmentation, botox and a chemical peel. As we know that, doing various plastic surgeries requires a lot of money and she has it. And she got great results from spending that money. She looks so great and naturally beautiful. What do you think? Was it a good decision for her?

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3 Responses

  1. Belle says:

    Interesting! She definitely looks young for her age. She definitely looked very beautiful during her entire career though. But I’m a full supporter of plastic surgery to try and look more youthful :).

  2. Peter Wilson says:

    Beautiful before and after, Demi Moore has always been hot.

  1. March 19, 2014

    […] looks great, but to maintain her youthful appearance she had to gone under the knife several times. Demi More Plastic Surgery makes her look like she is just 30 years […]