Delta Burke Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

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Plastic surgery is not always done well. That statement might be appropriate for describing the case of Delta Burke. If the rumors about her plastic surgery are true, she could be listed among the celebrity who has had some trouble with their plastic surgery.

Delta Burke Plastic Surgery

Delta Burke Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

What happened to her? Delta Burke has a very different look now – she’s no longer the beautiful Delta. Her face looks fat and swollen now, prompting some people to speculate that she had fillers, cheek implants, chin implants, and a facelift. Those rumors spread like fire after the changes in her face were exposed. She likely overdid it with her plastic surgery.  The possible cheek implants make her cheeks look plump and chubby. The chin implants and fillers also have this effect. It looks like she had too many fillers injected into her face. There’s been no admission by Delta about her appearance, but she is so unrecognizable that people have speculated that this could be the reason her face looks so far.

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