David Schwimmer’s Rhinoplasty Surgery

Remember David Schwimmer? The 47-year-old is an actor, director and producer, but he’s definitely best remembered as Ross Geller on the NBC smash hit, “Friends”.  While he looks fantastic now, he actually underwent a nose job back in his student actor days. That should come as no surprise, though, since most people trying to break out in Hollywood often look to cosmetic surgery to tweak any imperfections they may have.

David Schwimmer Plastic Surgery

David Schwimmer Rhinoplasty

Even though a lot of celebrities get plastic surgery to change their appearance while they’re already famous, the way Schwimmer did it makes a lot more sense. Obviously, when you’re not a huge celebrity, the world doesn’t know what you look like. However, once you hit the spotlight, this is the image everyone will associate you with. If you end up getting bad plastic surgery, this could ruin your reputation and cause you to lose out on a lot of roles you would have gotten otherwise. Plus, it’s a lot harder to hide your plastic surgery after you made a name for yourself in Hollywood. That’s because any hint at plastic surgery will be talked about and scrutinized by all audiences.

David Schwimmer Plastic Surgery

David Schwimmer Rhinoplasty

That’s not the only positive quality about Schwimmer’s rhinoplasty procedure. Unlike a lot of other celebrities, he actually went to a surgeon that knew what they were doing and produced a nose that didn’t look overly worked on. A lot of times, people go under the knife and are left with a nose that is too narrow, coming across super unnatural. At the end of the day, plastic surgery is supposed to improve your body’s imperfections, not entirely transform it. After all, no one wants to look fake. Schwimmer made sure that he left looking better than before, but still had a nose with character that could pass as real if need be.

There are a lot of different reasons why people would undergo rhinoplasty surgery, besides for cosmetic purposes. Most often, procedures on the nose are often performed to help with breathing. By opening up the nasal passages, the air can circulate easier in the body, which is so vital for your health. Since Schwimmer has yet to comment on his rhinoplasty, there’s no telling what his reasoning was for this type of plastic surgery.

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