David Coverdale Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

David Coverdale Plastic Surgery

David Coverdale Plastic Surgery

Is it possible that rock star David Cloverdale keeps getting more and more plastic surgery? Plastic surgery is one way to keep your appearance looking youthful, whether you’re male or female. Most of us know that a rock star from the 1970’s should have had some aging show up on his face.

David, who was born on September 22nd, 1951, is mostly well known as the singer from the famous band Whitesnake. Nowadays, he still has very tight and smooth skin on his face even though he’s in his sixties. This may have been done by his having a facelift, because a normal man in his sixties would have some sagging skin that is no longer smooth. He’s also had some work done on his teeth because the shape of them looks unnatural. Now, his appearance looks more feminine than it does masculine.

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