David Cook vs. Caleb Johnson

Is there a feud brewing between “American Idol” winners David Cook and Caleb Johnson? Well, it certainly sounds that way. So, what exactly happened? Smack talk, that’s what. The reining Idol winner, Johnson, has said time and time again that he is the first “real rocker” to win on the reality competition show. You may recall he covered songs from bands like Rush, Led Zeppelin and Whitesnake. The first “real rocker” doesn’t sound like any real fighting words, but they are when a rocker won back in 2008 during the seventh season.

Is There an American Idol Feud Brewing?

Is There an American Idol Feud Brewing?

When fans of Cook heard about what Johnson was saying, they immediately were up in arms about it.  After all, Cook was the first rocker on the show to go all the way, which was a feat that contenders like Bo Bice and Chris Daughtry could not achieve. That’s why when Johnson visited Yahoo Music recently to promote his debut album, Testify, editors at the news outlet made sure to ask him about his comments. The reality star said, “David Cook, he’s like pop-rock. He never really did stuff like Zeppelin or Rush. He was more like…alternative.” Johnson later went on to explain that he showcased the more heavy metal side of rock music.

I don’t know if I agree so much with what Johnson’s saying, but more importantly, how does Cook feel about what’s going down? During an encore performance at his show Saturday night in Indiana, Cook told the crowd, “I read somewhere that somebody said that I wasn’t really rock. I read that. So, we’re going to do this next song in an attempt to prove him wrong. Because I would like to think that we are not any one thing!” He then proceeded to sing a quick snippet of the Bill Withers hit, “Use Me”. From there, he joked, “That’s the only part of the song we know… but we can play the entire part of this next song!” Following that, Cook and his band played Led Zeppelin’s “Rock ‘N’ Roll”/”Whole Lotta Love.” When he was finished, Cook remarked, “So, if you see that person… I guess let him know!”

Is There an American Idol Feud Brewing?

Is There an American Idol Feud Brewing?

If there’s one thing I always enjoyed about Cook on “American Idol”, it was his sense of humor. Sorry Johnson, but I’m completely Team Cook here. Of course, Johnson has yet to fire back.  Whose side are you taking?

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3 Responses

  1. rod says:

    Who is Caleb Johnson? He needs a haircut, btw. David Cook is the real rocker!

  2. N89spirit says:

    David Cook is the real ROCK STAR ! No doubt about it !

  3. Frannie says:

    I think it will do Caleb Johnson well to get a new publicity agent or management.