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Dana Delany’s appearance has been discussed by some people. She still looks fabulous even though her age says different. She is actually over 50 years old now but she still looks good. How did she keep her body looking so well? Common celebrities fight against aging’s effects whenever they can, especially fighting wrinkles in their forehead. Usually, the celebrities love to do everything to maintain their youthful look. Frequently they get botox injected.

Dana Delany Plastic Surgery

Dana Delany Plastic Surgery

Dana Delany has talked about experiences with botox in the November issue of Prevention magazine. She said that early on she didn’t know anything about botox, then one of her doctors advised her to try it and she did. This might be true. There’s no significant change in the shape of her body. It’s just her smooth skin that looks the result of injections.

We can see that her face looks so smooth without any wrinkles around it, even though too smooth means weird and unnatural. She commented that she got side effects from doing  that botox injection. She got droopy eyes while getting botox injected in her forehead seven years ago. This could be the result of a bit too much botox. And she felt that this procedure was not always good and she decided to stop playing with the botox and other plastic procedures. Is it true that she stopped? Just wait then what she will do next. Will she stay true to her decision to stop anything related to plastic surgery or not?

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