Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery – Admits Aging!

Like most celebrities, Courtney Cox has chosen plastic surgery as the best solution to reduce the unwanted fine lines and wrinkles of aging. She was also not happy with her breast size, so she had breast enhancement surgery to enhance her overall appearance and personality. In this previous article Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery you can see Courtney has a big change in her face and breasts and you can see much bigger and fuller breasts now.

Take a look at Courtney Cox before and after breast implant surgery.

ALT="Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery"

Courtney Cox Before & After Breast Implants

During an interview, she confessed that she had undergone different plastic surgerys on her face and body to slow down the aging process. She also revealed that she has used Botox sometimes but in moderate quantity as compared to other celebrities. She has also done laser treatment ‘Ulthera’ to increase the collagen production that works as an anti-aging tool.

She has done a lot on her face and has also clearly admitted that she is afraid of aging. It is the main reason that pushed her to get plastic surgery and other laser treatments to maintain her young look. In New You Magazine, it is said that she is “very open to trying to prolong the inevitable”.

You can see her before and after photos and can easily recognize her face with a beautiful look and no wrinkles.

ALT="Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery"

Courtney Cox Before & After Plastic Surgery

She also did lip injection and over-inflated her cheeks that complimented her natural face. But after too many plastic surgeries and Botox injections, some people counted her in the list of plastic surgery goes bad. Her pillow cheeks look horrible and when you see her lips movements, they look taut and awkward. Read more at

Although she may be proud of her changed appearance, some say she looked more beautiful with her natural looks. But, if she feels best when her skin flushes after a work out or even when she puts no make-up on her face, then it’s her life.

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