Courtney Cox Breast Implants Before and After Photo

Courtney Cox was reported to have had breast implants. Was that true? Well, the 48 year old lady’s appearance in recent years got attention from people. Some questions appeared about what she actually did to make her breasts go up to C cup from a B cup. People speculated that a boob job might be the best answer that could boost her breasts like magic.

Courtney Cox Breast Implants

Courtney Cox Breast Implants

Like common celebrities, she considers her breasts as her sexy symbol, not only a good-look. Therefore, people who do a breast augmentation or a boob job usually want to boost their confidence. If the rumor is true, those reasons might have motivated her to do a boob job. However, this rumor appeared like other rumors, being controversial.

Dr. Anthony Youn had a different opinion for the case he saw. He gave a different explanation. He said that the Courtney rumor about a breast augmentation might not be true. He noticed that Courtney’s thin frame made her breasts bigger than before. That means the photos alone will not be able to prove the truth. Besides, other opinions also appeared saying that her breast looked bigger because of the bra.

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  1. March 13, 2014

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