Christy Turlington Nose Job Before and After Photo

Christy Turlinton can’t avoid the plastic surgery rumors when her photos are being discussed in many forums. People have speculated that the model has gone under the knife. By comparing the two photos they find that her nose appears to have been reshaped, perhaps from rhinoplasty.

Christy Turlington Nose Job

Christy Turlington Nose Job Before and After Photo

By looking at her current nose we can see that the change is really in the tip, which appears to be smaller. It doesn’t look this way at first, you really have to take a close look to see the difference. Christy has denied the rumor and said it’s her real nose, but it looks like it was a really well done surgery.What do you think of the debatable rumor? Did she have a rhinoplasty?

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  1. March 8, 2014

    […] is also counted in this list. She was not happy with her natural nose shape, so underwent a Rhinoplasty procedure in 2007. She revealed that due to certain medical issues, she had to done nose job. But […]