Christina Aguilera Gives Birth to Baby Girl

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Congratulations, Christina Aguilera. The pop star finally gave birth yesterday to a baby girl with her fiance, Matthew Rutler. This is Aguilera’s second child, as she already has a 6-year-old son, Max, with her ex-husband, Jordan Bratman. According to a close source of the couple, they are “thrilled and excited” about the new addition to their family.

Christina Aguilera Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Christina Aguilera Gives Birth to Baby Girl

If you’ve been keeping track of Aguilera’s pregnancy, you know that she has been seen all over Los Angeles showing off her baby bump. In fact, she even tweeted about it the other day when a paparazzi photo came out where her son was hovering over her stomach, trying to shield her from the photos being taken. The singer captioned the photograph, “Max already protecting mommy & his little sister! He’s the greatest ,” with the text “big brother love” on it.

To ring in this special occasion, the couple threw a co-ed baby shower at Aguilera’s stylist’s home. At this party, roughly 50 of the pair’s closest family and friends showed up. The gathering even had a cake that guests couldn’t stop talking about. This dessert was decorated with a figure of a woman giving birth on a rug on top of a hardwood floor, which was supposed to represent Aguilera. The cake even had a baby’s head, all covered with hair, coming out from well…you know where. “Push Xtina, push” was written on the cake as well.

Christina Aguilera Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Christina Aguilera Gives Birth to Baby Girl

So how was Aguilera doing throughout her pregnancy? The source confirms that, “Christina is doing great. She’s really glowing. She’s feeling great and isn’t tired at all. She can’t wait to meet her baby girl.” Fans first found out Aguilera was expecting a child back in February, a week after the couple announced their Valentine’s Day engagement. There is no word yet on what the happy duo named their girl. Likewise, the two haven’t released any photographs yet on what their baby girl looks like.

Aww, this is fabulous news, and I could not be any happier for Aguilera and Rutler.

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