Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery

Christie Brinkley nowadays looks continually young. Her youthful skin at the age of 59 year looks a bit strange as a natural thing. The former super model was rumored to have had some plastic surgeries. Christie possibly had eyelid surgery, botox and a chemical peel. Dr. Anthony Youn said that Christie nowadays looks as young as she used to in the 1980s.

Dr. Youn explained that Christie got a smooth forehead and flawless skin – proving that she did some plastic surgeries. The cover girl, Christie Brinkley’s forehead lookd so smooth without any wrinkles that this indicated she had botox injected in her forehead to remove all the lines and wrinkles.

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Photo

Christie Brinkley Before After

It seems she had eyelid surgery to make her eyes younger and refreshed for her age. And the other suspect is her flawless skin. As Dr. Anthony Youn said that Christie Brinkley might also possibly use a chemical peel in order to make her skin flawless, fresh and clean without any spots.

There’s no official statement from her telling the truth about whether she has gone under the knife or not. Overall, there’s one word to describe her today, “amazing.” She looks so beautiful for 59 year old woman. Do you think that she has done something on her face?

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28 Responses

  1. Trina campbell says:

    I saw Christie on Wendy Williams, today. When they showed pictures of her and her daughter’s she looked younger than them. Indeed she is a beautiful woman no doubt about that. My problem with her is when she speak to women she always expresses that it’s her diet and daily work outs is what keeps her ageless. Now her daughter’s are very young, you look younger than them without assistance of a knife, no way. If you had plastic surgery that’s your business but don’t keep acting like it’s your life style that is responsible. Everyone ages, everyone. You are going to see some sign of aging whether wrinkles, sagging, dis colorations, something. So I believe she has had work done. I would love to go to whoever is working on her, because they are working magic. Just don’t go on and on about, How your life style is the reason why. Women are drawn to other women that share their short comings and imperfections. Maybe that’s why you’ve been married four times you seem unrealistic. My husband has seen me at my worst and I mean my absolute worst and he still loves me and it’s been over forty years of marriage. God bless

  2. Agnes says:

    It’s 2018 now. Watching Christie on TV. Still gorgeous but I noticed she has had her lips done and seems to enjoy pursing her lips like so many women do nowadays. This is the start of ‘fish lips’ that look so ridiculous and contrived. I hope she stops now. She shouldn’t mess with her God-given looks!

  3. Deb says:

    She’s beautiful. Whatever she has had done its sublently do everything. Amazing.

  4. steve crocker says:

    she’s simply lovely – don’t care what she may have done, nature has done the basics for her.
    It made me go and rewatch (about 1000 times) the “Uptown Girl” video

  5. rio dio says:

    She looks natural and beautiful. Well done – unlike so many freak jobs we have to endure.

  6. Barbara says:

    She’s beautiful ! More power to her.

  7. Ruth says:

    Most definitely, nobidy looks like this at her age. Whatever was done, was done to oerfection so why would someone lie about it?

  8. Jaimie says:

    I just wanna know the name of her surgeon ….I’m going!!!!

  9. Shari says:

    Puleeze. Joker mouth. Sick of the fawning. She’s moron.

  10. Rose says:

    I think Christie Brinkley had many plastic surgeries. Does she think that woman are that stupid to think that she had no plastic surgery or botox. She is on the cover of First Magazine and looks like she is 30. Come on now, who does she think she is fooling. She is insulting all women.

    • E Beyer says:

      She did not comment on whether or not she had plastic surgery so your point is what? She didn’t try to fool anyone by any statement.

  11. joanne stepp says:

    she’s had major surgeries to look that good and fat filler and cheek implants. come on, lets get real. she’s had implants seen on TV show showing off her implants. Bless her, she’s rich and can afford it. If I was rich I’d do it
    all. But no one in the whole world looks that good at 59. we all age, some of us choose to slow down and go back 20 years. I say good for her, but let us not be ni eve.

  12. NANCY CORNELL says:

    She has admitted to having botox done. Probably had other facial surgery also. All the stars and models do it.
    I wish they would just age gracefully.

  13. tori says:

    If you look near her hairline on the After pics, you can see the edge where makeup starts. It looks like latex primer.

    • E Beyer says:

      So what? Do we have to find flaws in her?….No one is perfect by any means and she seems like a nice and happy lady.

  14. Libby says:

    I’m 61 yo with good genes, so my opinion is honest and reliable. The upper half of the face in a person with good gene does not need any lift at this age BUT the lower half does. The jaws drop and the chin line is not as defined as in your 40ties. So, a person in her 50 or 60 may look great if it has a lower face lift. As for the skin nothing needs to be done if one was avoiding the sun, had a good skin routine, using good creams day and night.

    • Just Another Dame says:

      I agree with your assessment.
      Okay, we should not be naive, she has clearly had work done…who cares? I would appreciate more honesty from all the celebs…wouldn’t you want her doc if you were taking that route?
      CB would have tons of sun damage from growing up in Malibu, and playing outdoor sports (i.e. surfing, swimming, tennis, horseback riding, and the real killer skiing!

      I adore her and have watched her career and life throughout my adulthood. Being a young 55, who also has the triangle of beauty face, know how it goes when it starts to go. I have those super high cheek bones and the fleshy youthful skin does start to drop around age 51…I still have them, but they are definitely making a noticeable shift. Then there are the jowls, that come and go depending on your weight…I mean really where is all that lovely, cheeky flesh covering those bones going to go? At some point, mild jowls remain, and no amount of working out or nutrition will make them retreat to their original home.

      I have several friends a litle younger or my age who are on the denial path and still feel the need to be sexually alluring to men – somewhat sad in my mental health mind. Their personal worth is limited to this vision of themselves forever youthful. I worry about the mental health of a couple of them. They actually believe someone is carding them because they look young enough to be carded when they are with men or women in their 30s and 40s. I don’t have the heart to tell either of them they only card you to find out how old you actually are as there is a distinct difference to any bartender on the planet! Anyway, who am I to burst anyone’s bubble?

      I imagine CB, with a modeling career life, felt a neck, face, and eyelift was necessary. I have to say it is freaking hard to watch your face literally slipping away (so to speak), but I am grateful I have lived my 55 years! Just remember, if she is too good to be true, she’s had a lift or two – and then some even with great nutrition and exercise.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Don’t know if Christie Brinkley had surgery or not, but doesn’t matter because she was hot before and after.

  16. Peapee says:

    Ni. To whomever wrote this, please take 3rd grade again. Nice work editor, good job

  17. lam says:

    She looks great BUT she has obviously had LOADS of surgery and fillers etc..pretty obvious.

  18. Lexxi says:

    I don’t think she has done anything major. If she had, she would look like the “Joker” like alot of people who went under the knife at the age of 25. She is probably doing skin peels and a little Botox as a maintenance program only. Nothing wrong with trying to maintain a youthful look 🙂

    • Dolli says:

      A GOOD cosmetic surgeon will make a person look younger without looking like they have had surgery. And it was probably Christy’s first surgery. Having it done multiple times results in a fake and too tight look.

  19. Kira says:

    She is as beautiful as ever !

  20. Anonymous says:

    her surgery was a good lift,,, a beauty ,, now,, a younger more beautiful woman,,,thank god dr, knew what he was doing,, and din;t make her a plastic face like joan river;s,,,,,,

  21. Fab4Sure says:

    I think Christie is just gorgeous, period. She certainly must help others sell lots of age defying products every time someone pimps out her beauty and posts one of these shameless, speculative articles.

  1. June 14, 2013

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