Cher Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Cher Plastic Surgery

Cher Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

If you know about the king of pop Michael Jackson, you should know who is the goddess of Pop. She is Cher, the American singer who is known as the Goddess of Pop, popular for almost five decades. The woman is currently 66 years old. Knowing her popularity, which has flown for almost 5 decades, we should appreciate her for a lot of reasons. As well as other celebrities, Cher also has had some plastic surgeries. It can be seen from her face that is not loose like other old people we see. She is too beautiful for a 66 year old woman.

What kinds of plastic surgery has she had?

First, facelift her jawline has been made tighter than her age. But it looks so natural, she has done okay to her look even if it’s a bit much for a 66 year old woman. The second plastic surgery she had is a browlift, where she made it  higher than before.

Cher Plastic Surgery Photo

Cher Plastic Surgery Photo

The third and fourth surgeries she had are a blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty. She decided to refine her eyes with a blepharoplasty. She had it on the upper and the lower portions of the eyes. All the loose   skin around her face has been removed. The rhinoplasty reshaped her nose to be narrower and smaller, and may have been repeated several times. She’s also had other work – she’s gone under the needle.

Botox was injected to remove any wrinkles appearing on her forehead, while other fillers like restylane and juvederm are injected to create her current smile. Last but not least, laser treatment has removed many tattoos on her body and created her smooth-looking skin. For 66 years old, the singer might have been called as the Goddess of Pop, but was also called the goddess of plastic surgery too.

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