Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters

Like all surgical procedures, plastic surgery does not always go as planned. There can be side effects or even just bad work. These celebrities all had a serious error in their surgery that required an additional procedure to fix. We should not that several people have died while undergoing or recovering from plastic surgery. This list does not include any of those names.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters

Tara Reid: Well-known for her roles in Sharknado, the American Pie films and Scrubs, Reid is no stranger to plastic surgery mishaps. After undergoing breast implants and a liposuction procedure, Reid was shocked with the results. Reid said her stomach became bumpy and scarred. Her breast implants also resulted in bumps and excessive scarring. Two years after her botched surgeries, she had reconstructive surgery to correct the errors.  She later showed off her new look in Playboy.


Tori Spelling: This Beverly Hills 90210 hottie allegedly sued her surgeon after a botched boob job. The surgery resulted in deformed breasts and a chest depression. Although Spelling originally denies that she had the procedures, she admitted to the surgery in 2008. Spelling said she came clean about the boob job because of false reports that she had had numerous other surgeries.

Farrah Abraham: Whether you think this teenage mom should be a celebrity or now, she famous enough to make this list. At just 23, the teen mom underwent the knife, reportedly to further her *ahem* acting career. She underwent a lip augmentation that gave her a bigger boost than she had hoped. The results have her a much larger upper lip than lower lip and reportedly landed her a spot on the television show “Botched.” Abraham tweeted photos of the surgery just hours after the procedure, immediately expressing disappointment in the results.

Kenny Rogers: In 2006, this country crooner went under the knife to give himself a more youthful appearance with an eyebrow lift. Rogers admitted to hating the procedure. Saying that it drove him crazy and that he hated it. He seems to have left well-enough alone though and skipped further procedures.

Heidi Montag:  Although none of her plastic surgeries are considered “botched,” this reality show star underwent 10 surgeries in one day to completely overhaul her appearance. IN addition to Botox, fat injections, liposuction and ear pinning, she also received implants to boots her breasts up to a size F! That is not good for the back. She later admitted to regretting the surgeries and later revered the breast implants to a smaller size.


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