Celebrity Look Alikes? 5 People Who Had Surgery To Look Like A Celebrity

Who says you can never have Julia Roberts’s gorgeous smile or Jessica Biel’s hot bod? Some everyday people have made it a goal to redo themselves in the image of their favorite celebrity. Some of these surgical procedures put Bruce Jenner’s gender reassignment to shame. Though these people may have been trying to seek happiness via plastic surgery, an article in Psychology Today says that prettier people may not actually be any happier than… well the rest of us. Here are a few celebrity-lookalikes who took the challenge to heart and went under to knife to get a celebrity’s good looks:

Celebrity Look Alikes?

Nicholas Ryan/Ryan Gosling: This 30-something thought it would be a good idea to spend over $5000 on Botox injections to help him look like Ryan Gosling. He used the Botox to fill out his jawline for a more gosling-square look. His reason? Girls love Gosling. Can you imagine how that conversation would go over on a first date?

Jordan James Parke/ Kim Kardashian:  This gent spent over $150,000 on plastic surgery to make his face look more like Kim Kardashian. He had collagen and Botox injections in his face to make his face look even more like Kim. The real question: where does a 23-year old get that much money to spend on plastic surgery?

Miki Jay/Michael Jackson: First, it is worth noting that Michael Jackson did not even look like Michael Jackson so this was a tough feat to accomplish. This mother of three from the United Kingdom spent over $16,000 on surgeries in her cheeks, nose and chin to look more like Jackson. We have to give props to the lucky lady who is rumored to make over $200,000 a year as a professional impersonator. We’ll let you decide which one is the real Michael.


The Schlepp Brothers:  Once a twin, always a twin. At the age of 20, these twins (Mike and Matt) decided to fork over almost $17,000 to trade their looks for the face of Brad Pitt. The brothers showed up on the television show, “I Want a Famous Face.” They underwent several procedures including rhinoplasty, implants to get the look they wanted.


Valeria Lukyonova/Barbie: Dubbed “The Human Barbie” this 21-year old claims she has not had any other plastic surgeries beside breast implants. She says her very tiny waistline (and other Barbie like proportions) are au ‘natural and that she’s on an all juice diet. I am not sure we actually believe that she’s never had any other work done, the eerily similar Barbie face means she’s either had at least a little work done or she’s got a lot of time to spend on makeup.


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