Celebrity Hair Trend: Half-Shaved Hairstyle

Are any of you out there a fan of Demi Lovato? If so, you know that recently she’s been rocking a new hairstyle, which is typically known as the half-shaved hairdo.  Basically, if you have never heard of this look before, it is when a person shaves part of their hair off. In other words, one side still remains intact with flowing locks, while the hair on the other half becomes a distant memory. Usually, when women opt for this look, it gives them a punk vibe that is still feminine.  Don’t you love a new celebrity hair trend that is this fun?

Half-Shaved Hair Trend

Demi Lovato: The Half-Shaved Hair Trend

Lovato isn’t the only lady who is a fan of this look. Besides her, other celebrities who have done this to their hair include Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and Avril Lavinge. However, it is important to note that Cassie was definitely the star that brought this look to the forefront. While these other ladies may have not have been directly influenced by her brave action, it is hard to tell whether or not I would even be talking about this look today if it wasn’t for her.

When Cassie was asked about the growing popularity of the half-shaved hairstyle, she said, ““I think the shaved-head trend is amazing. Definitely wasn’t the first … How many years ago was that? Wow. It was like almost three, maybe three years ago, but it’s definitely a fun trendsetting hairstyle. Really glad that I guess I made it mainstream is maybe the right word. And it’s inspiring. I like to see how other young girls remix it and add color and all of that.” Cassie later went on to explain in that interview how at the time she was looking for something different and unique to do with her hair, but not it has become so popular, although each person has put their own spin on the style. 

Half-Shaved Hair Trend

Cassie: Half-Shaved Hair Trend

What do you think of the half-shaved hairstyle? Would you ever do that to your hair? Which female celebrity do you think rocked it best and which one, if any, didn’t rock it at all? Let me know! I always want to hear what my “patients” have to say.

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