Celebrity Fashion Trend: White Lace Skirts

Remember when wearing white after Labor Day was a fashion don’t? Well, if Hollywood is any indication of the changing times, it seems perfectly acceptable now to flaunt this color well past the September holiday. In particular, white lace skirts have been EVERYWHERE in the media lately. So who was rocking this fashion trend? Where do I even start?

Fashion Trend White Lace Skirt

Shay Mitchell: White Lace Skirt Fashion Trend

First off, my girl Shay Mitchell was seen at the Teen Choice Awards last month sporting a two piece outfit that consisted of the infamous white lace skirt and a matching bustier. This “Pretty Little Liars” star looked as stunning as ever. However, if the wardrobe seemed a bit familiar to you, that’s probably because you remember Kim Kardashian wearing a super similar ensemble while out celebrating her birthday at Tao Nightclub in Las Vegas earlier this year. If Kardashian is wearing the white lace skirt, you know it’s in.

Then, there was Jamie Chung who took the white lace skirt and brought a casual aspect to it.  She paired the bottom half with a silk floral top and two-toned stilettos. This “Once Upon a Time” actress showed us that you can wear this white lace skirt with just about anything for every and any occasion. It’s not only appropriate for red carpet events. Here, if you don’t own a designer top, you can always opt for a fun graphic t-shirt and sandals instead.

Taissa Farmiga: White Lace Skirt Fashion Trend

Taissa Farmiga: White Lace Skirt Fashion Trend

Of course Taissa Farmiga gave her own twist to the white lace skirt at this year’s Emmy’s. The “American Horror Story” star wore her skirt over a short dress, giving a layered effect. Who doesn’t love when celebrities take fashion risks at award shows? That’s exactly what Farmiga did here, only she didn’t fail at all. This look was edgy and I loved it.

What are your thoughts on the white lace skirt trend? Are you going to be rocking one this fall or should white just always be a summer thing? I’m dying to know what you think about this new fashion must-have.

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