Catwoman Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Today, everyone knows the horror story that is considered the Catwoman Plastic Surgery case. This is a case of a woman named Jocelyn Wildenstein who has undergone many plastic surgeries in order to change her physical appearance to that of a cat, something she did at the cost of four million dollars for the husband she loves. Apparently her husband loves cats so much that she became one for him for all intents and purposes.

Catwoman Plastic Surgery is an extreme case of Plastic Surgery gone Wrong.  If we talk about an extreme woman, some people will guess we are talking about Jocelyn Wildenstein. She is a very famous woman for her unique and extreme changes. She has changed her appearance into a cat.  No wonder  she is also known as a the catwoman. Based on a story, the 70-year-old woman decided to change her look because she loved her husband and her husband loved a big cat. She wanted to look like the big cat her husband loves.

Catwoman Plastic Surgery

Catwoman Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

She truly appears like a big cat. She has had ever part of her face altered, and it’s estimated that this has cost  $ 4M. Some people might think that she is unique, and she might be the one and only woman who changed her face into a cat. She became extremely famous for this, but has also received negative reactions for her decision.

Catwoman After Plastic Surgery photo

Catwoman After Plastic Surgery

Then, she surprisingly decided to change her look back into a woman again. Her journey with a 4 million dollar cat face will always remain in the history books.

Jocelyn had many additional plastic surgeries to get her original look back, even though it’s not easy. Currently she has removed any fillers plumping up her face, step by step so that she will again look human. Her eyebrows are slowly going back to normal. She needed a lot of patience (and money) to look human again. We don’t think she ever got close to her original appearance or looked like a normal person.

Cat Woman Plastic Surgery Transformation

Cat Woman Plastic Surgery

Not everyone approves of this bold decision, even those who are fans of plastic surgery. The cat-like changes brought about by this woman have brought when them a great deal of backlash and negativity. People are not only criticizing her physical appearance, but criticizing what mental health or instability would result in someone changing their looks to that of an animal. What’s more, people have negatively commented about her decision to make so many changes for someone else—even if that someone else is her husband. And finally, there are those who critique the high cost of such an endeavor, many of whom feel this choice was one more based on fame than on love.

In spite of any negativity, this four million dollar endeavor has gone down in the history books where it will remain. Currently, this individual has begun to remove some of the work she has had done, allowing her eyebrows to grow back to normal, and no longer using fillers to keep her face plump. Of course, it is anyone’s guess whether or not she will be able to achieve her original look ever again. Naturally the cost of returning to her original look may skyrocket until it reaches the cost of the original endeavor.

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