Catherine Deneuve Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

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Catherine Deneuve Plastic Surgery

Catherine Deneuve Plastic Surgery

Let’s talk about the legendary French actress named Catherine Deneuve, who was born on October 22nd, 1943. Is it possible for a person to have such a youthful appearance in her sixties? No, I think it is impossible to have this without having had any plastic surgery. Catherine still has a good looking appearance even though she is 69 years old right now.

First, she may have had a facelift in order to get her facial skin to be tight, like the skin of a teenager. She may also do botox and filler injections so that the signs of aging are totally removed from her face. Fortunately, she’s gotten great results from all the surgery she’s had. She still looks young, despite being in her late sixties.  She’s never made any comments about these rumors and never confirmed them.

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