Carrie Underwood Gives Birth to Baby Boy

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I want to extend a heartfelt congratulations to country superstar Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher. The couple welcomed their baby boy Isaiah Michael into the world on February 27th. This is the first child for both stars.

Carrie Underwood Gives Birth to Baby Boy

Carrie Underwood Gives Birth to Baby Boy

Carrie Underwood Gives Birth

While Isaiah was obviously born last week, Underwood waited until yesterday to make the announcement to her fans. On Twitter she wrote, “Tiny hands and tiny feet…God has blessed us with an amazing gift! Isaiah Michael Fisher – born February 27.” Within this tweet, the American Idol winner also included the first picture of her son with Fisher.

Underwood first revealed her pregnancy to the world back in September. Two months later, both her and Fisher found out that the child would be a boy. In fact, as per the duo’s request, a doctor wrote down the baby’s gender and put it in an envelope. The couple decided to hold onto this news and wait to read the results until the right moment occurred at dinner one night. Underwood said, “[It was] just the two of us in a nicer setting, but we both knew. So, that was just confirming our suspicions. We didn’t really speak of it before, ’cause we were both just like, ‘Whatever. It’s all good.’ But we knew it was a boy.”

Carrie Underwood Gives Birth to Baby Boy

Carrie Underwood Gives Birth to Baby Boy

While the two ultimately chose Isaiah as the name for their son, a couple weeks ago they were still undecided on the matter. In a People magazine interview, Underwood said, “We don’t have a baby name. We need to lock that down here pretty soon. We joke a lot about funny things that go with Fisher, but there’s not some family name that I have had to be like, ‘No! That’s terrible!'”

You may recall that Underwood and Fisher met in 2008 and then got engaged the following year. In 2010, they married at The Ritz-Carlton Lodge in Greensboro, GA in front of over 250 guests. Are you as excited over this news as I am? Underwood and Fisher are the perfect couple and I could not be happier for them.

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